Beat the competition in only 30 Minutes a Day

Beat the competition in only 30 Minutes a Day

Hundreds of online SSAT Practice Tests in each of the three SSAT categories – Quantitative, Verbal and Reading, and our very own Advanced Math category for serious SSAT takers.

Complete one SSAT Practice Test per day and watch your efficiency, confidence and SSAT scores soar.

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Tests can be done on your laptop or mobile device, and you will receive an instant percentile score to help you stay motivated and continue improving.

Choose a test from any category, as often as you like. The real key to success on the SSAT is Practice, Practice, Practice.

Why does the SSAT Advantage Program work so well?

Thousands of accurate and authentic practice questions in each of the SSAT categories for both the Middle and Upper Level SSAT.

Practice Tests are timed to recreate the actual testing conditions of the official SSAT.

Practice Tests use the same number of questions that you will see on the official SSAT.

An Advanced Math section for students who really want an advantage writing the SSAT.

Percentile scores reported for each test the student takes, just like the actual SSAT.

Scores and Progress Report emailed directly to parents after completion of every Test.

Students can choose to focus on the SSAT category in which they need the most practice.

Simple, uncluttered interface eliminates the confusion and distractions of other prep programs.

A public Forum for expanded solutions to individual questions on a test.

Multiple choice questions presented online and scored instantly.

Free Sample Tests

Upper Level Reading Test 40 Questions 40 Minutes Try Now PDF
Upper Level Advanced Math Test 25 Questions 75 Minutes Try Now PDF
Middle Level Quantitative (Math) Test 25 Questions 30 Minutes Try Now PDF
Middle Level Verbal Test 60 Questions 30 Minutes Try Now PDF

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Practice Test questions similar to the actual SSAT questions?

The questions are very similar. Although SSAT never releases actual questions used on their exams they do provide lots of examples of questions and a list of topics students should be familiar with on the Quantitative section. Out team of seasoned educators have built our database of practice questions based on the principles outlined by the SSAT organization.

Why is there an Advanced Math category?

The real difference in student scores on the SSAT is in the Quantitative section. Most students generally score very well in the Verbal and Reading Sections. We have added a category of mathematics questions that are more challenging than the normal SSAT questions to give our students a definite advantage when their scores are compared to their peers. Students who work regularly on the more difficult questions find their SSAT Quantitative scores improve dramatically.

Are the Practice Tests timed?

Yes. They are timed exactly as the sections will be timed on the SSAT. This gives our students the most realistic SSAT experience possible. The number of questions is also exactly the number of questions they will encounter on the actual SSAT. In this way our students can practice managing their anxiety and their time management skills to help them get the best score possible on the day of the actual test. There is an option to turn off the timer.

How often should I do the Practice Tests?

One test per day, seven days a week is recommended. It is best to select a different category of test each day to stay sharp. Our experience is that the most efficient study plan is to start the SSAT Advantage Program 3 to 4 months before the student’s test date. That way the skills and understanding
developed through daily practice will be at their peak on the test date.
Of course students can complete several tests per day if they are really motivated. This works well if the student is feeling less confident about a particular category such as the Quantitative section and would benefit from additional practice.

How are scores reported to parents?

Parents are notified by email whenever their child has completed a Practice Test. This helps them monitor and motivate their child to keep up the regular practice that is necessary for success on the SSAT. Scores are reported as percentiles in the same way SSAT percentiles are reported. Percentiles are reported for the student’s grade and gender for each practice test.

Does the SSAT Advantage Program have an expiry date?

Yes. Your purchased program will expire after 365 days.

What is a percentile score?

One of the biggest sources of confusion regarding the SSAT involves how scores are reported. While both raw scores and percentiles are reported, school admission offices rely primarily on percentile scores.

Raw Scores
Every question on the SSAT is worth one raw point. The easiest question is worth just as much as the most difficult question. There are no points for skipped questions. Each incorrect answer results in a ¼ point penalty. The total number of correct answers, minus the total penalty for incorrect answers, is the raw score.

Your Raw scores are converted to percentile scores, indicating how well you scored compared to other test-takers of the same grade and gender. For example, a 60th percentile score indicates that you performed the same as or better than 60% of test-takers. A 90th percentile score indicates that you performed the same as or better than 90% of test takers

If, for example, you scored 10 out of 25 on your Quantitative Test, you might actually get a percentile score of 80 if you did as well or better than 80% of the students who wrote this test who are in your grade and the same gender as you.

Getting less than half the questions right doesn’t mean you failed or got less than 50%. Your percentile score depends only on how all the other students did on the same test.

Your SSAT percentile might seem quite low because your scores are being compared to a very competitive group of other SSAT students. The key to success is practice, practice, practice.



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Middle Level SSAT Program (for Students in grades 5 to 7).
Over 75 Timed SSAT Practice tests in Quantitative (Math), Advanced Math, Verbal, and Reading.

$9.95 USD
Upper Level SSAT Program (for Students in grades 8 to 11).
Over 75 Timed SSAT Practice tests in Quantitative (Math), Advanced Math, Verbal, and Reading.


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